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Arranging A Funeral - On A Budget

It is very often the case that many families have to be careful in how much they spend on a funeral. There may not have been money set aside for funeral expenses, no insurance, and no estate to settle the funeral account. We appreciate that every family wants the best for their loved one but it doesn’t always come to down having to spend more money to get best service. Our 'General Charges' represent exceptional value based on the many added benefits derived from our service. However, when costs need to be controlled even further, our 'The Simple Funeral' affords many families with a reduced cost option.

The Simple Funeral Option £1195.00

The 'The Simple Funeral' option is designed in a way that reduces cost, simplifies the formalities but retains the professional service and care provided by our family. It is reasonable to assume that a reduce cost will reduce certain elements, and yes this is true. What we have tried to do is reduce those expensive elements that don’t impact on the overall funeral experience. The main area that cost is saved and that is the use of our estate car rather than the hearse. Often families make their own way to the crematorium or cemetery, they don’t have a limousine and only really see the hearse briefly as it arrives at the place of service. As such, and increasing in popularity, the use of our estate car, provides a discreet and dignified form of transport. We always try and not make the use of the estate car obvious, most people won’t even be aware a hearse isn’t used.

Another way in which we can reduce the cost and that is not have certain elements of mortuary and chapel services. Our Simple Funeral doesn’t, as standard, provide for viewing in our Chapel of Rest. As such, if this provision is not being requested then we are able to reduce the cost accordingly. This doesn’t mean that your loved one isn’t cared for, it just means that the time consuming preparation procedures are not being employed. There is a clear difference between 'care' and 'preparation'.

In addition to these two reductions in our service we also don’t extend the Order of Service booklet for each guest attending the service. However, should you still wish to have them we are still more than willing to provide them at a small, 'at-cost' charge.
The 'The Simple Funeral' option is ideally suited to those who may need to make a funeral payment claim through the DWP. Current conditions to the claim process is that the DWP will only pay a certain amount TOWARDS funeral costs, they do not meet the total amount. This often leaves families with a shortfall of hundreds of pounds to find. At the present time the DWP will only make a maximum contribution of £700 towards the Funeral Director charges and pay essential Third Party Charges. The 'The Simple Funeral' is only £395.00 more and a lot less to find that what you would need if selecting from our General Charges. Consider this option against what other funeral directors provide, we can help you save a significant amount of money and alleviate potential debt liabilities.
Availability of the Searson family 24 hours EVERY day
Provision of a detailed consultation to discuss and arrange your individual funeral requirements
Guidance on the Registration of Death
Co-ordination with the Coroner, should he be involved
To act as an Agent, and make arrangements with the Clergy, Crematorium/Cemetery, Doctor etc.
Provision of a Funeral Director to officiate and co-ordinate the Funeral Service
To provide a dedicated Mortuary Care Facilities to ensure your loved one is kept safe, comfortable and with dignity - Additional fees may be charged if the time of care exceeds 7 days.
A Funeral Director, on call, to respond to your immediate telephone call during working hours
Provision of Vehicle and Staff to attend, and to collect the deceased during NORMAL WORKING HOURS
A FREE detailed booklet entitled 'The Searson Family Helpful Guide'
For the provision of our Estate Car to a local Crematorium or Cemetery at our convenience
Included in this funeral option is the provision of a simple Coffin.
PLEASE NOTE: The coffin illustrated may actually vary at our discretion

The Bronte Coffin
Please refer to our Traditional and Sustainable coffin brochures and price lists for more details about coffin ranges that you may wish to choose instead, but at an additional cost above and beyond the included coffin style illustrated.
Third Party Charges are NOT included in the price shown above. Third Party Charges are charges such as:
1. Cremation or Burial Fees;
2. Medical Fees;
3. Minister Fees;
4. Memorial Printed Items (these however can be purchased separately);
5. Hygenic Treatment;
6. Out of Hours Transfer Service;
7. Bearers (we would encourage family members and friends to provide their own bearers if choosing cremation).

Additional Options Available

There are some additional options available which can be used on this optional funeral. Rest assured that your loved one is still cared for in the same professional manner.

Limited Preparation Option £175.00

Limited preparation DOES NOT MEAN that we do not show care, attention and consideration for your loved one. It just means that the time consuming preparation procedures are not being employed. There is a clear difference between 'care' and 'preparation'.
Provision of QUALIFIED as well as experienced mortuary staff who will care for your loved one
To prepare your loved one for viewing in our beautiful Chapel of Rest.
To dress your loved one in their own clothing
Provision of our Chapel, for your use, by appointment during working hours
PLEASE NOTE: Limited Preparation does NOT include Hygienic Treatment

Hearse Upgrade £298.00

To help keep costs down, we have a plain, yet professional looking estate car with blacked out windows which we can transport your loved one (still with dignity) to the place where the funeral will be taking place.
YES you can. Should you want to maintain this lower cost option but prefer to have the traditional hearse rather than the estate car, you can upgrade at an additional charge.

Should you require any help in calculating the cost of a funeral, either give us a call or go to Contact Options Page and choose which contact method suits you best. Be assured that all enquiries are without obligation.

Help towards the cost of a funeral

Funeral Costs DWP ClaimYou could get a Funeral Payment if you are on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you're arranging. How much you get depends on your circumstances and if you qualify.

Funeral payments are for those who are on low incomes, or receive qualifying benefits.


Require help?

At an awkward and difficult time like this, you can always speak to one of our family members who will be sympathetic and help you to deal with organising your loved ones funeral.


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