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    The Searson Family Funeral Service is very much a family business, one that now has three generations working in it.

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    Farewell Toasts

    Farewell Toasts for Funerals - Wine BottlesIt is becoming increasingly popular to offer loved ones a final farewell toast at the end of a funeral service. The toast is very much intended as a sign of recognition and appreciation and others a lovely way to express a farewell. The toast can be incorporated within any cremation or burial service, can be a celebrational, poetical or religious moment, it is entirely your choice.

    In many cases, after a cremation service, we lead guests outside to view the flowers. When a farewell toast is to be offered guest would be lead to a more private area, either by the fountain or in the memorial gardens. As guests are gathered, glasses will be handed out and a token drink pored. Typically this would be a house wine, either red, white or rose. However, sparkling wine can be offered, so to can any alcoholic beverage and a soft drink option is always an alternative option. During the very cold winter months, hot mulled wine is a very popular choice, and this is something we can arrange for you. Should the service be burial then the toast is usually incorporated as part of the committal, offering the toast before the coffin is lowered to rest.

    The words of toast can be your choice, although we can create a short poem based on some of the information provided during the service tribute. When the toast is offered, music can be played; we can even extend a balloon release as another beautiful option. This can especially be of benefit when children are in attendance. The ‘Farewell Toast’ is a complimentary service offered by our family as a way of extending the funeral experience. As part of this service we provide:


    Glasses for guests

    Music Selection

    A Personalised Toast Poem

    Staff in Attendance

    6 special PERSONALISED Wine Labels
    See a small selection of labels below

    All we ask is that you either provide us the bottles you wish to use or we can purchase them and add the small cost to the funeral invoice.


    At a small additional coast we can also provide the following services to enhance the toast ceremony:

    Commemorative Toast Cards
    Keepsake card with the toast poem written on it

    Balloon Release

    White Dove Release

    We have carried out countless Farewell Toasts for a variety of funeral types and every time it has been overwhelmingly received. For more information on our Farewell Toast option, just ask a member of our family.


    Shown below are just a few of the special labels we have produced, although the scope of design option is unlimited. The two bottles of wine we provide are personalised and you get to keep the bottles after the service. Another option is to have the label recreated smaller and have them put on glass size bottles which can be handed out as gifts to guests. We can provided any number of keepsake bottles AT COST.

    Farewell Toasts for Funerals