Caring for the deceased, your loved one is the greatest and most honorable duty we can ever provide your family. It is our policy to ensure that EVERY consideration is given to the feelings of those grieving a loss. Knowing that a loved one is being cared for in a respectful, dignified, and courteous manner will, we hope, provide some comfort and reassurance at a difficult time. In our opinion, we believe that no other funeral provider extends the level of commitment in mortuary care as given by the Searson family. 

Our modern, professional facilities have been designed and equipped to provide a very special service. The facilities, however, do not provide the actual care, that is in the hands of the Searson Family. Andrew Searson has more than thirty-five years of practical experience in the field of Mortuary Science. He is a qualified Funeral Director and Embalmer and is acknowledged by many as being a specialist in his chosen vocation. Andrew takes full responsibility for the care of your loved ones, assisted by his son Matthew, they hold the most important role within the Funeral Home. Together, they ensure that EVERY attention to detail is taken care of. Unlike many funeral directors, the Searson Family openly encourages families to inspect their facilities should they wish, we have an 'Open Door' Policy.

We are proud of our commitment to your loved one and the extent of effort that goes into ensuring the special care we promise is actually delivered. Our Care Facility and the way in which we provide care have been developed in a way that we feel is appropriate. We DO NOT do anything that we would not want our own loved ones to endure. Even if you decide not to visit the Chapel of Rest, you can be assured that every effort will be made to provide your loved one a safe, comfortable, and respectful stay. Should you have any questions regarding the care of your loved one, PLEASE, just ask and we will put your mind at ease.


We have three funerals home, two in Portsmouth and another in Havant.

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Even though our funeral homes have scheduled hours of service, our telephones are answered by a member of the Searson family twenty-four hours of EVERY day.

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