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On behalf of The Searson family, welcome and thank you for visiting our website; we hope it provides you with all the information you require. Even though we provide this website for information., we are still here to speak with you in person; we're available twenty-four hours a day on the telephone, or why not call into one of our funeral homes for a more personal experience. Whatever your enquire, whatever your needs, the Searson family are here to help.

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For many, having to cope with the sadness of arranging a funeral can prove a daunting and challenging task. Clouded by emotions and with many decisions, you need a friendly and caring team of people to take you through those steps. The Searson family recognise that a funeral is more than just a time of farewell; there are so many memories to reflect upon, good times shared, and love and laughter to be remembered, making a funeral equally a celebration of the life lived. We help create meaningful days by building essential elements that reflect the character and personality., making a funeral a special day to remember with some positive thoughts.

Everyone has a different perspective on a funeral; no two funerals will be the same. Our family will guide you through the many options and choices and discuss your ideas; the small things are often more critical, so discussion is essential before you decide. So why not contact us, arrange to come in and talk through your thoughts, ideas, concerns and worries? We're here to support you.


We are members of the National Association of Funeral Directors, and this status will allow you to know that we provide our services in line with the 'Funeral CODE'. This CODE ensures that our systems and processes meet the membership criteria and are approved to a high standard. In addition, our premises and facilities are inspected to ensure they meet the standard required. The Searson family proudly boasts that we exceed expectations in every aspect of our service. We have a stringent 'Guest Care Policy' that assures your loved one's safety, care, and dignity at every stage of the funeral process. Our care is delivered by trained and QUALIFIED staff who adhere to strict protocol. We have clearly defined 'Standards of Care' and believe these will exceed every family's expectations. For your added reassurance, Andy Searson is a QUALIFIED Funeral Director, Embalmer and Funeral Service Manager with over forty years of Funeral Service experience. Together with his family team, each staff member undergoes Continuous Training and Development to ensure ever-changing regulations are adhered to and maintained.


We are open about our services and the charges associated with them. You should select the services you want and not pay for elements not essential to you. As such, we extend menu-style pricing that aligns with the requirements of the National Association of Funeral Directors and the Competition and Markets Authority. Fair pricing that is clear, precise and extends value for money. Should you have any questions relating to our charges or are experiencing genuine financial hardship, please speak with a member of our family.


Should you wish to pre-plan your funeral but prefer to make any financial provision, the Searson family have a NEW 'My Wishes' Planning Pack available. It provides entry into all the essential information your family will need about your chosen funeral and your wishes when the time comes. We have this pack available in print form, and you can contact any of our offices for your free copy. Alternatively, below is a download PDF version. Just save it to your computer and complete the information on the screen; don't forget to save it once completed. Your completed 'My Wishes' Planning Pack can then be kept in a safe place or given to a family member. 



For all enquiries, twenty-four hours a day

0800 022 3309


The Searson Family Funeral Service is a privately owned, independent business. The business owners are Andrew and Debra Searson, and we have no affiliation with any other business. We have no business or financial interest in a price comparison website that compares Funeral Director Services and/or Crematoria Services and their respective prices

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