Having the actual service at a crematorium can provide many benefits in comparison to a service at a cemetery. Most crematoria are modern, spacious, warm, and accommodating. They all have integrated sound systems for your music choices to be played, an Organ and, more recent developments, extending video and internet services, allowing family and friends around the world to view the service in real-time. A cremation service can also afford a more comfortable, relaxed, and informal gathering in respect to the atmosphere. The service chapels are usually non-denominational, beautifully decorated and tend not to reflect a sombre appearance. There are a number of Crematoria within our area and these are listed at the bottom of this section. Often families select their local Crematorium but you are not limited, you can decide to use any Crematorium you wish. Most service times are thirty minutes although this can vary depending on which Crematorium you decide to use.

Choosing cremation can provide many more benefits when it comes to the final placement and memorialisation of the cremated remains. Gone are the days when ashes are just routinely scattered in the crematorium gardens. Today there are many, very popular alternatives that extend a multitude of benefits in having a lasting and meaningful memorial. Many people do not realise that there are little regulatory restrictions when it comes to interring or scattering cremated remains. You have a lot more freedom of choice than you may be aware and this section will highlight some of those options.


It is important to remember that, although the gardens at the Crematorium are some of the best kept and maintained in the country, they don’t always offer any form of memorial within the grounds. Name plaques, vases and other markers are not permitted, so for those who desire a tangible reminder of their loved one, alternative options should be considered. Other crematoria do have memorial options, ranging from a simple marker, rose bush; you can even have a bench. When considering crematoria memorial options, always request full details, including purchase periods. Many memorial options are purchased on limited time periods. What you might think is a lasting memorial may have to be purchased again after a few years. The following section will offer suggested ideas for thought when it comes to deciding how you would like to place at rest a loved one’s cremated remains:



Scattering the remains within the beautiful Gardens can, for many, be the most ideal location. For those who do not feel a permanent reminder is necessary, or consider the tranquillity a suitable place of rest, the gardens are perfect.  It may be that past life has already been placed in the gardens, and this could be an appropriate place to share. When considering the gardens, you can select your own location and be at the scattering if you wish. For those choosing a scattering, the Searson family encourage you to be at the scattering. This could be just a private or individual gathering, a formal moment of farewell at which some words can be said. The options are yours to consider and we will make all necessary arrangements on your behalf.



For those who wish for a more formal final resting place and one which affords the benefit of a traditional memorial, interment may the option. There may be a family grave already existing and the option for cremated remains to be interred are usually viable. Even if the grave is old or full, more often cremated remains can be interred. It is always worth remembering that cost can be a factor with interment at a cemetery or churchyard. Sometimes existing graves, even though have been family graves for many years, may not permit interment if the purchase period has expired. Local authority cemeteries tend to have purchase requirements, ranging between 25 and 75 years. If the grave purchase has expired an additional fee to purchase the rights of burial will need to be made, this being in addition to the actual interment fee for preparing the grave for burial. Furthermore, if the select a cemetery out of the local area, double fees will often apply for non-residents.

Local authority cemeteries will have designated areas for the interment of cremated remains, usually allowing a smaller but traditional style memorial. Some cemeteries only allow flat, rectangular tablet memorials; there can be great differences from the cemetery to cemetery. Again, purchase and interment fees will apply so do check with us on your preferred cemetery for current charges. Your options for interment services can be a full religious service, or just keep things informal and private. You do not need a member of the clergy to be in attendance, neither do you need any type of service; the choice is yours to suit your wishes.

As with scattering of cremated remains, the process is often seen as a final moment, one which people like to mark with some form of special occasion. We will be pleased to help any way we can, suggest ideas like releasing some balloons, playing music, words of farewell, there are so many options that we can provide to make the occasion special. The majority of cemeteries and churchyards will require the cremated remains to be placed in a wooden casket. We have wide range styles and designs, all of which reflect good value. You can view a range of our more traditional style caskets by going to our website:



It is very important to remember that NO decision needs to be made straight away. You have all the time you need to make the decision right for you, your family and the person who has died. In every instance, we will always return the cremated remains to our Chapel of Rest. We will then make further discussions regarding your options and choices and then make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. Alternatively, you can keep the cremated remains with us if necessary. You may even wish to retain them at home for a period; you can even have them buried in your own garden. Alternatively, we have an array of Ashes Caskets and urns available, and the simple option of just keeping them at home is one of the most common way families tend to the ashes. Some ways in which you can make final disposition of cremated remains are final, and there may not be an irreversible means of undoing what has been done. Therefore, we always encourage careful consideration and thought before final decisions are made.



Scattering cremated remains at sea, or other water sources, is a very popular choice. There are no legalities in respect of scattering remains at sea, it is something you can do yourself from shore as the tide is going out. A few general considerations may need to be made, scattering in a more secluded area, early in the morning and away from popular swimming areas. Should you wish to opt for this way of dispersal we will provide a disposable container, so no actual cost is involved. However, you might want to make a more formal occasion of the scattering and, if your loved one was connected to the Navy or Marines, we can organise a Chaplain to be in attendance. We can also arrange for a small boat should you wish to go further out from shore. We also have contacts with the Royal navy for a formal interment at sea if this an option you want. Another option other than the disposable container is to have one of our scatter tubes. A special cardboard container designed for a private scattering and they come in a range of designs.



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