The Searson Family Funeral Services have 3 funeral homes located in Copnor, Southsea and Havant. Each funeral home has its own Chapel of Rest, where families can sit and reflect, view their loved ones in peace and thought.

Should you decide to visit your loved one before the funeral , you will be seeing them in our ‘Memorial Chapel of Rest’.


Our beautiful Chapels have been dedicated to the  memories of those we have lost. This gesture openly  reflects our own experience of  bereavement, which we feel enables us to provide genuine  sympathy towards you and the loss of your loved one. These rooms are available to you and your family to visit your loved one, in quiet and comfortable surroundings. The decoration of our Chapels are suitable for any denomination.


During the initial funeral arrangements, you will be invited to visit your loved one. Your decision is a personal one and we cannot encourage you to do so or offer any persuasion. You should feel comfortable in making a visit and only you can decide if this is something you wish to do. However, many people do make a visit, either on their own, with a friend or they bring the family along together.


Our Memorial Chapels are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by appointment. Once the arrangements have been made and the necessary preparations completed, you will receive a call from our family letting you know that visiting can now take place. You can have photographs, flowers, personal or sentimental items brought in and these can be kept on display when you visit. In addition, you can select some favourite music to be played in the Chapel: Religious, Pop, Classical, it is your choice. We can even provide you a photograph of your loved one at rest, which may be beneficial if certain family members are not able to visit the Chapel or just have a copy to keep.


All we ask is that, before you visit, call, and make an appointment. We are available all day every day, and the only reason we ask for you to ring is so we can be more prepared for your arrival. Alternatively, you may wish to have your loved one taken home before the funeral, and this is something that is easily organised and you can speak with us about this.

Visiting the Chapel of Rest is so much more than just taking in the facial appearance of the deceased. We recognise that the individual and unique character of the life lost accounts for a substantial proportion of the personality. As the personality and character can no longer be expressed, a large part of what you would see in life is missing.


What we try and achieve is a positive viewing experience for all our families. The image you see in the Chapel will remain with you always. As such, we need to create an ‘experience’ that takes into account a number of factors in trying to provide a familiar appearance of how you and your family remember the life that is lost. Clothing is a very important component in making someone look at how they would have in life. It is more important to reflect a usual appearance when selecting clothes, rather than choosing something the deceased would not have normally worn. Items of relevance to place in the coffin can also aid in creating a familiar image of the life lost. If the person was a constant knitter, then place knitting needles and wool in the coffin. Any items that can be associated with the deceased can be placed, either in the coffin. Or around it during the visiting period.


Photographs can also be placed in the coffin, pictures of the deceased during much happier times. These can be a positive point of focus and a reminder of how you remember them. Even the music being played during your visit can aid in creating the overall experience. if the deceased enjoyed a particular band or singer, then have this music played in the Chapel. Also one can be familiar with a person by their smell. Fragrances: perfume or Aftershave, they all help in building up the pieces that provide you a visit that can be more comforting and reassuring.



We have three funerals home, two in Portsmouth and another in Havant.

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Even though our funeral homes have scheduled hours of service, our telephones are answered by a member of the Searson family twenty-four hours of EVERY day.

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