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For many, a traditional funeral may not be in keeping with their wishes. Families are now looking at having a service that reflects the life of someone who has passed away, a celebration of their life that will provide a much more positive funeral experience.


There are several service options, and, in the past, a clergy would automatically be nominated to officiate. They may not have known the person who died or even had time to speak with the family before the funeral. The person who has died may not have been to church for years; religion may not have played an integral part in their lives, and a religious service could prove an inappropriate option. Religious services are still very popular, and we encourage families to make the service option that best suits them. However, an ever-increasing number of people now seek an alternative that offers more celebrational content and is in keeping with the person who has passed away fitting.


The Searson family can recommend a range of celebrants, or you can nominate your own; the choice is yours to make. You may not be aware, but you can officiate the funeral service yourselves if this is an option you'd like to take. However, the Searson family have their in-house Celebrant. Andy Searson has been officiating services for many years and brings a much more positive approach to the lives he has been asked to remember. The 'Celebration Service' focuses on the lives lost, the years lived, the personality, interests, and the love they shared. These services provide a positive focus, enabling family and friends to share an opportunity to remember and say farewell. 


The core element of any service of celebration is remembering the lives lost; that is what the day is all about. Andy will sit with you and reminisce and reflect upon the years, humour, stories, and life. He will create a fitting tribute which we will offer during the funeral service. This will comprise almost half the service time,  giving everyone a chance to learn about the early years, smile at the funny times, share tears of sadness and joy and generally be enriched by the memories.

Andy's approach, regardless of circumstances, is very much informal, relaxed, often conversational and, at times, interactive to help guests feel an integral part of the service. Andy has created thousands of services from young children to the longest of years lived; all received exceptionally well. Many people who attend a celebration service often say how wonderful it was, how unexpected but very much wanted, and even comments such as 'the best funeral I have ever been to'. The Tribute can be audio recorded for future reflection; we even provide printed copies for the family to keep. In addition, and unique to the Searson family, We can incorporate the Tribute into a DVD story, with photographs through the years, a wonderful memorial to cherish with the memories.



It is essential to remember that you will never forget the funeral day, regardless of its creation and delivery. It is such an important day, and we do all we can to put together something you will never forget with positive thoughts. It is also important to remember that the day is more than just celebrating the lives lost; it is also a time to share the grief and say farewell. The funeral service is structured to balance the emotions so that when the farewell part of the service comes, everyone feels relaxed, inspired, and emotionally ready for the final moment. We can create a service; each will depend on the individual family, wishes, and requirements. Aspects such as music, readings, verses, and poems all help contribute to a fitting service and one that fully reflects the life lost.



Gone are the days of the 23rd Psalm and Abide with Me; today, many people wish to create relevance with the music, making it an integral part of the service experience: Pop, Rock, Country, Classical, whatever your loved one enjoys in life is a relevant and appropriate music type to play. Careful planning is given to music; this is something the Searson family arranges, putting together a well-scheduled repertoire of songs that precisely suit the moment. We can source your music requirements from a library of over one million songs; we even put them on CD or IPod, depending upon the place of service.


The readings offered during service should also be relevant and appropriate, not necessarily the more mainstream and typical poems often used. Once the Tribute has been taken, the Searson family will offer suggested readings that are relevant, not necessarily religious, but something meaningful that reflects life. However, many celebrational services incorporate spiritual comfort and, where suited, include prayers should this be a wish.



Our services aim to capture the life, love, and personality of the person who has died. An experience of smiles and tears, a warming and emotional service which provides a lasting and fitting tribute and farewell. We recognise that we have only one chance to get the service precisely right, and no stone is left unturned to afford all those attending a lasting, positive experience.

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